In addition to the training and teaching, Kate is also a dealer for a handful of companies she whole-heartedly believes in and uses on a daily basis! Feel free to contact us with questions and orders!

Prestige Italia

High-end Italian saddles and leather goods for the horse and rider, specializing in quality and comfort!

Majyk Equipe

Top notch horse boots with imperial design and protection for all disciplines!

Hit Air Equestrian

World class protective air vests and accessories, that are comfortable, fast and the quietest on the market!

Total Equestrian

Stylish and comfortable schooling and show breeches for all body types including customizing options! Also available are saddle pads, customized coolers and dress sheets, and show accessories.

Stance Equine USA

A complete line of chemical and GMO free products guaranteed to promote health and enhance your horse’s performance!

EquiPride & EquiLix

A complete vitamin and organic trace mineral supplement using fermented ingredientsas the delivery of total nutrition.

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